Christopherís Story

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When you see Chris for the first time, you'll probably notice 3 things right away.  First you notice that he is a little different than you, physically.  You can see he walks slowly, and he uses mostly his right arm, so you know right away that something different happened to him than what happened to you in your life. 

Secondly, you'll notice that the two of us are not very far away from each other.  When we pray, and when we sing, or walk, or when he needs to use the bathroom, get dressed, etc., youíll see the two of us working alongside one another. 

But thirdly, if you get to speaking with Chris or watching him, I believe itís not long before you notice that Chris is very special inside.  He has a connection with and love for God that is pure and springs from the depth of his being.   

Chris has been where few of us have gone.  Iíll tell you in a moment his story, about his medical problems and fight for life, and how Jesus surrounded him with angels and how God has ministered to him without ceasing all of his life.  That may strike you as a strange word, to say that God ministered to Chris, itís usually people ministering to people, or people giving worship to God.  No, I meant that, God has ministered to him, comfort, healing, companionship and truth, throughout his childhood. 

When Chris speaks of the Lord, heís not talking rhetorically, or theoretically, or any of those big words that cover up the fact that when we say it, we donít really understand what weíre talking about.  Chris is telling you of someone he has met.  Someone he knows as well as you know the brothers and sisters you grew up with.   

Chris told me when he was very young, that God told him he had a green house waiting in Heaven for him, and when he got there, he was going to be a judge. 

Believe me, he didnít hear that from me.  I could have told him about mansions waiting in Heaven, but I had no knowledge of the verse that says we are to judge the angels. 

He called me into his bedroom one night about that same time period in our life, to ďsee all the wings in the roomĒ.  I couldnít see anything, but he was transfixed, looking around, telling me the room was filled with wings. 

This was at a time when someone had been very cruel to him, and his spirit was hurting.  God not only heals our bodies when we are born with deformities, people.  God comforts our souls when we are oppressed, and when others treat us badly. 

Godís heart breaks over every harsh word we speak to each other, and every blow we receive from this ugly world.  This world He created for us out of His deepest love that we have allowed the enemy to twist into harm for His people. 

We, brothers and sisters, as children of Adam and Eve, who handed over their allegiance to the enemy, who broke Godís heart the first time.  And we, who even now, with our understanding of Christ and His sacrifice, still at times, turn aside and play with things we know we shouldnít. 

Chris was born a month early by induced labor, so the doctor could go on vacation as planned.  He was born blue and lifeless from lack of oxygen as the doctor and nurses did everything they could to force the delivery.  His head had been forced into a cone shape and his skin was bleeding from the forceps.  

Chris was handed to me that first night, with his eyes open, and with the face of a man, not a child.  His expression, the hurt questioning of an adult was in his eyes, as if he were asking me why did we do this to him. 

I donít believe that was something from my imagination, for a couple of reasons.  One, I didnít care.  I was all too happy to have it over with, and I had been convinced that he was dead as he was born anyway.  He didnít move, or cry, and he was a strange color.  When the doctor said, ďCongratulations, itís a boy,Ē I thought he had the sickest, cruelest humor Iíd ever seen, to say that about a dead baby. 

The first week of Chrisí life he had jaundice bad enough to cause more brain damage.  The doctors sent him home as if he were a full term baby, with nothing wrong with him.  It was 3 months before we found out Chris was in trouble.  He had been crying steadily with a monotone cry.  We found out later that was a sign of seizures in babies.  He kept his head turned to one side, and he didnít smile or move his arms much.  I had never been around a baby, so I had no idea this wasnít normal.   

Finally the pediatrician told us that his head had grown 5 centimeters in 5 weeks and that he was in serious trouble and might not make it to the hospital.  We had 50 miles to go to take him there. 

The doctors drilled holes in his skull and relieved the pressure from the spinal fluid building up inside his brain.  Blood clots covered the brain tissue and had choked out the oxygen to most of the brain cells, and by the time they x rayed his head, they saw that he had only a small ring of brain material left and a huge hole in the center filled with fluid. 

He spent 5 months in the hospital, having constant seizures and being worked on daily to keep him alive.  The first tube they put in his brain to drain that fluid, introduced a germ that lead to spinal meningitis. 

He remained partially comatose for 2 years.  During that time my husband and I lost our place to live and our jobs.  I stayed by Chrisí bed, already pregnant again, not knowing anything but the daily search for food.  I became obsessed with eating, and searching for some kind of meaning, but I felt nothing.  The doctors felt comfortable with my attitude and let me remain with Chris while they did procedures on him, because the hospital was short of nursing staff and they needed my hands. 

They finally told me that he was going to be severely retarded and a burden on us, and that their recommendation was to let him die.  Thankfully I didnít know what they meant, so I told them no. 

We brought Chris home, began giving him shots every other day for the seizures and he ballooned up to 36 pounds from the cortisone injections.  He was blind in the left eye, paralyzed on the left side and couldnít even hold his head upright.  He was as they say, a vegetable. 

I had the new baby and tried to settle into living with my in-laws.  I was up with Chris all day and Matt all night, as he cried for hours with colic.  For another year I really didnít have an anchor, or care what happened.  My husband and his family fought constantly and I turned over and over in my mind how I might be able to kill my children and myself so we could be out of our misery.  Praise the Lord I didnít have the courage to do it. 

Our First Big Miracle 

Then one night I was up late and watching a TV minister saying if anyone had a paralyzed or retarded or blind baby, to put it up against the TV and pray with him.  I did, and then forgot all about it.  Three days later Chris woke up from the coma and smiled at me.  He moved his paralyzed left arm and plopped it into his bowl of cereal.   

In that first month, he learned to sit up, crawl, eat table foods, and play.  But his left eye still didnít work, and his left leg was paralyzed. 

Itís important that I tell you that we had already moved out into our own home again, and made a conscious decision to live for the Lord.  I thought long and hard about what kind of life I should be leading my family into, to find something where people wouldnít make fun of Chris or where he could be useful and a blessing. 

I knew the only answer was for us to be evangelists.  We began watching the TV preachers and reading the Bible.  I was isolated from traditional churches at the time, and that was a good thing, because I took the word of God at face value and hadnít heard anyone debate whether miracles still happen.  I believed with all my heart, and God rewarded my trust in Him. 

At this time too, I began angering the enemy.  Before I had Chris I was playing around in witchcraft and fortune telling.  I had my first vision when I was 16 so when I began having dreams that came true and was told in a dream that I was being given the power of a seer, the enemy used something natural along with my pride, to make me work for HIS kingdom. 

For me now to be telling people about God and showing the miracles that He was doing in our lives made Satan very angry.  Demons began appearing in our home that only the kids could see, and that showed up in our photographs.

The Second Miracle

We lived 50 miles from the hospital and clinics where we had to go 5 times a month and we had no car.  I had to beg rides for each of those various clinic visits.  At the eye clinic, they put a patch on his good eye and glasses over both.  We struggled with that for a year with no improvements.  Then I said a prayer, and the next month showed improvement and by the second month after the prayer, his eyesight was equal in both eyes. 

The Third Miracle

He wanted me to hold him under the arms and pretend to walk him around the room, but his left leg wouldnít move, so I prayed one night for him to be able to walk.  The next morning, both legs moved equally.  You couldnít tell which had been paralyzed. 

The Fourth Miracle

In December, three months after our first big miracle with Chris, they repeated the cat scan and showed his brain tissue had grown back in!  What had only been a small ring of tissue was now a completely formed brain and the only abnormality was the shape of the ventricles, the openings for fluid in the center. 

He learned to talk at 3 from listening to his brother Matt. 

He learned to walk when he was 9 from watching his youngest brother Daniel learn, but it was only about a year after that we saw that his left foot was turning sideways causing him to walk on his leg bone.  The Shrinerís hospital operated on the left ankle and he healed well. 

Chris learned to read three letter words from the Nintendo game Sesame Street. 

Time went by, we moved to Georgia, had a third child, (Daniel), and struggled with other problems.  Both of the other children had problems.  Mathew was hyperactive and suffered from being in Chrisí shadow.  All the doctors and physical therapists and their grandparentsí attention on Chris made Mathew feel left out.  

Daniel was born ďas an adultĒ also.  He never played, rarely smiled.  He was so shy that he would only speak to me, not even to his father.  Daniel was also able to see the demons around us and in our home.  All three children were telling me about them, and I saw their effects but couldnít see them. 

The Fifth Miracle 

This miracle concerned the childrenís father, my husband.  I have decided since I wrote this, to keep it private.  He died in 1996.   

Two months later, the house was struck by lightning and set on fire, and Rodney (a hired carpenter there to fix our house) came in and saved us.  Four months later we met again and both of us instantly felt a deep commitment to each other.  

The Sixth Miracle -  October 2003 

Weíve helped each other over many hurdles since then, and the miracles didnít stop, they just increased and included Rodney too with a fantastic 3 week healing of throat cancer in 2000. 

The Seventh Miracle -  June 2002 

Since then, Chris has faced surgery on his left leg to release the tension in his tendons.  We prayed for this to be healed instead of needing surgery.  I knew it could set him back from walking and that we didnít have a way to get him up the house stairs and into our home again after the operation if he were in a wheelchair with a big cast.  We had been told years back that when he reached about 12, he would become wheelchair bound and give up some of his mobility in exchange for the energy to talk to people. 

This hasnít happened yet and I was really resisting it.  

We prayed about 6 months and put off the surgery.  We were prayed over at church several times, but nothing seemed to change.  I kept insisting that Godís word was true though.  I know Scripture says, ďby His stripes we ARE healedĒ, and that anything we ask for in Jesus name we will receive if we donít doubt. 

I went to several churches and spoke with the pastors.  I believe they felt put on the spot and uncomfortable with my insistence that Chris should be healed.  Itís one thing to say you believe in everything in the Bible, and another to dare live it.  Some people say thereís some question about whether every healing is the will of God.  I canít accept that there is any wavering in His Word.  I have never seen any scripture that says sometimes we have to be sick.   

Then I heard someone say maybe I had not surrendered my will to God and that was the problem.  Here was a possibility, because I was so frightened of the consequences of this surgery.  So I finally surrendered it all to Him and agreed to the surgery, trusting that Chris would be ok either way.  At the same time, Lucy loaned us the money to make a wheel chair ramp and although it wasnít done yet, I believed Heíd make a way to get Chris into the house. 

We went for a last minute checkup on Friday and the doctor said Chris still needed the operation.  Monday morning we had Chris at the hospital and I had a big bag of books packed to spend the night.  They were going to cut the bottom of his foot to release the tendon to one toe that pointed down, and cut at the back of his leg to release the heel cord tendon.  That one was going to be the problem, because it was going to have to be cut down the middle and the ends of both halves sewn together.  This would make that tendon weak for months. 

I had just sat down in the waiting room and opened a book, when the doctor came bouncing out and told me they were all done and we could go home.  I asked him why it was so fast (like 15 minutes), and he said that when they had cut him open, they saw that he no longer needed the surgery. 

So they only nicked the leg tendon and cut the toe tendon as planned.  Since they hadnít had to damage his leg so badly, we didnít need to spend the night.  It took longer to get a message back to Warwick and have Rodney come back down to get us, than it had for the whole surgery to take place! 

I realized with this miracle that I had to totally surrender my will to God, and let Him take over with the plans.  I am a real general when it comes to making plans and despite my strong faith, Iím a natural worrier.  My faith was not disappointed, He was still as good as His word, and all of the promises of the Bible are true.  But God will work out the solutions to our problems in His time and in His way. 

The Eighth Miracle -  April 2003 

Chris had been having tremendous toothaches for months through 2002, and we took him to dentists and sought one that would treat him.  He had gotten older and his gag reflex is still so bad, he has to be put to sleep to be treated.  There is only one dentist in Georgia who will do that and one clinic, and both are in Augusta, GA.  We finally got an appointment at the clinic at the MCG dental college in Augusta and they did x-rays on Chrisí mouth and told us that he was in danger again.  

Four of the teeth on the bottom jaw that hadnít ever come through, were laying sideways, stacked two high, and laying in the nerve channel to his bottom jaw, on the nerve.  He was continually getting infections in them and suffered pain as the teeth tried to move, but couldnít work themselves free. 

There were also his wisdom teeth to remove now.  He had 8 teeth that had to be cut out of the jaw, and taking the bottom 4 out of the nerve channel was most likely going to damage the nerves to his face, and cause permanent, constant itching and crawling sensations on his chin. 

They said we had no choice but do the operation, or he would keep getting sick with infections and possibly die from them.  Another problem was that in taking those bottom teeth out, they were almost certain that they would accidentally break his jaw.  He would be wired shut for a month and have to drink from a straw.  The straw I had no problem with, but not being able to open his mouth was another matter!  

For 4 months we had been fighting a combination of strange problems that I knew were related, although the doctors never admitted it.  He began suddenly wetting the bed, and waking up in the night coughing and vomiting.  Several nights I sat up with him, and we prayed and struggled, not knowing what was causing it. 

Finally, we found out he had what they call reflux, or heartburn, and I told the dental surgeons that to keep his mouth shut and have him wake up vomiting, could cause him to die before I even woke up and got to him. 

They couldnít promise us anything, but we went ahead and planned the surgery asking God to heal this problem and fix it for us without a need for their help.  We prayed!  People, I mean we PRAYED.  We were prayed OVER, and UNDER and from a distance and we sang and rejoiced and we fought.  During that time of waiting for the surgery, Chris continued to be in excruciating pain.  He was on around the clock pain medication that was almost keeping him knocked out.  He asked me every day, why he had to feel that way, and what could we do about it. 

My heart was breaking.  I wanted so badly to help him.  I slept on the floor beside his bed, many a night, and in the chair beside his bed. 

Finally I felt in my spirit as we prayed once more, that something HAD to be done.  I got bold and told Chris that by morning when he got up, the pain would be gone.  By Godís grace, he got up and didnít hurt for two days.  We were now about a week away from the surgery and I was certain God had removed those teeth.  I reasoned that itís no more difficult to dissolve tooth matter than cancer, and we had certainly witnessed cancer disappearing! 

I looked at his teeth constantly and even saw that the teeth were moving in his mouth, and I took that as further proof of a healing. 

When the day came for the surgery, Rod, Chris and I went to the hospital.  I made the doctors do another x-ray, because I was so sure he was healed and we could go home. 

They reluctantly did the x-ray, as they admitted him, and said that although the teeth were now NOT in the channel on the nerve, they were still there.  So we continued with the surgery plans. 

When they took him in for the operation, and Rod and I prayed, the nurses told us to go and get some breakfast.  We had always visited a diner two blocks down the road, so we headed off in the rain around the corner in our sonís new car we had borrowed. 

We had only made it one block when a nurse coming to work slammed into the driverís door of our car hard enough that I thought Rodney was probably killed. 

All at once I was thinking, oh dear Lord, my sonís new car, not much money, and weíre stranded 4 hours from home, with no one able to come help us.  There were a few other things I was even more worried about, but Iíll keep them to myself at this time. 

I feel so strongly about Godís grace at this time, I canít express to you what a miracle it was, that although we couldnít open the driverís door, the car was still drivable and we were not injured or in trouble.  We went on to the diner and then back to the hospital. 

Chris was going home that same day.  He was barely out from under the sedation, and it was quite difficult for us, but God worked some fantastic miracles for us so the enemyís plans didnít work.  Two of those miracles were that the doctors removed the teeth without breaking his jaw, and he was able to eat soft foods in a week.  

That summer, Chris was plagued with an ingrown toenail.  The podiatrist removed part of it, and infection set in.  He suffered through 3 operations for it, and constant pain.  He lost muscle strength and the courage to walk as freely as he had been.  He could no longer go to the bathroom by himself, or stand up while removing his own clothing.  He became much more dependent on me and we both became more homebound. 

Fear set in, the fear of trying to keep good clothing and be seen in public.  We were dieting off and on, trying to help Danny with his fears and depression, and I think depression just settled down over all of us. 

Even though we had problems, we were still working on our faith, and praying.  Our computer contacts increased and we were ministering to others online who had problems and praying for them.  We began making little bead necklaces and bracelets, praying over them and sending them out in the way Paul blessed his apron and sent it out to those who needed healing. 

We have gotten reports of illness and pain being lessened or removed and we receive calls from several states and Canada. 

When Pastor Mathis was here a week ago, I asked him for prayer about our fears, so we could get back to church.  On the night of the church service, we had no trouble getting out and attending.  It had been over a year since I had been able to do that, despite many prayers being said for us, and by us.  I had tried all kinds of tricks and preparation, and psyching myself up to do it.  I can only assume that God moved on us that night and removed the demons who were keeping us afraid. 

And there were many more miracles in between these larger healings that are written here.  I would have to type forever and attempt to remember daily things from 24 years ago that showed Godís love for us. 

A couple more incidents that stand out in my mind were once when we were very broke and cold weather was coming on.  I needed hats and scarves for the 3 children who were going to school at the time on the bus and were cold.  I had no idea where I could get the money, but I knew I needed $13 for them. 

A few days after I thought the first thought of need, a check arrived in the mail unexpectedly for exactly $13. 

Recently, I needed food and it was going to be a long time before another check came in.  I remembered that my mother always said when she needed a miracle for groceries she would sit down and write out a grocery list, so I did that too.  I didnít worry or feel anxiety, I simply wrote what I needed and committed it to God.  I also had written beside each item exactly what it cost, and totaled it.  It was $30.  A few minutes later I remembered that I needed another dollar item, and wrote it in, adjusting the total. 

That day in the mail, a check came unexpectedly for exactly $31. 

Chrisí miracles continue daily, and there is so much more to tell about the angels he has seen.  For instance, ďThe man at the window, the man who is always smiling,Ē and the bad man who came and gave him a stomachache.  In each room of our old house, he would greet someone else.  I have heard him saying ďOh, hello!  I havenít seen you in awhile!Ē  And whenever Iíd ask him who he was talking about, he seemed to forget and couldnít answer me. 

I hope Chrisí story and our testimony will be a blessing to you!

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